Rammer 3288 piston

Rammer 3288 piston is a main part of Rammer’s BR3288 hydraulic rock breaker hammer. It has a original equipment manufacturer’ part number of #162445. By the way you can see this striker at the attached diagram with number of #3.

Rammer 3288 piston 162445

#162442 Rammer BR3288 cylinder is compatible for Rammer 3288 piston exactly. In addition it also suitable with front head #173679. If you need also cylinder or front head for this BR3288 rock breaker, ask us price and availability. We added below our email address. Please take it noted.

Finally we produce Rammer 3288 piston for civil construction and mining industry all over the world as well South Africa. Merit ships percussion piston via air, road or sea ways. Urgent deliveries available by express cargo too.

Rammer BR3288 Parts;
162442 Cylinder BR3288,
162445 Piston BR3288,
Tie rod 158327,
Upper tool bushing 101414,
Tool retaining pin 153235,
Lower tool bushing 155206,
Seal set 158031,


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