Montabert SC 28 seal package

Montabert SC 28 seal package complete kit. Merit’s seal kit for Montabert SC28.

MERIT’S seal kit for Montabert SC-28 rock breaker – Features:

  • OEM equivalent quality.
  • Ultra long life seals.
  • Best choice of high performance polymers.
  • High quality packaging.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Please note that Merit’s seal kit for Montabert SC-28 / Silver Clip SC28 while being high quality seal kits are not genuine seal kit. Montabert is a registered brand owned by Montabert and its use is done only for product description purpose.

Here you can order a Montabert SC 28 seal package from us.

By the way we keep stock available for  Montabert SC 28 seal package 22 March 2017.

Montabert SC 28 seal package Merit