Rock hammer s3600 spare parts

Rock hammer s3600

Rock hammer s3600 Daemo

Rock hammer s3600 spare parts and accessories available at Merit Automotive’s stock house 04 October 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rock hammer s3600 Daemo


Rock hammer s3600, Front head, Back head, Piston, Inner and outer bushing, Chisel, Round and flat pin, Through bolts and tie bolts, Charging valve, Control valve, Piston ring, FM screw, etc.


  1. Best heat treatment technology.
    2. Hardness test.
    3. Ultrasonic flaw detection.
    4. The high quality alloy steel.

    Almost 11 years, Our company earned reputation for designing and producing the highest-quality breaker in business, which is specializing in the assembly of breakers and the manufacture and sales of breaker parts for many years. With years of manufacturing experience,We have won the recognition of wide range of customers.We manufacture back head,front head,inner bush ,outer bush,etc.Our products match many famous brands such  as Soosan,Furukawa,Krupp,MSB,etc.

    Rock hammer s3600.