FURUKAWA HB40G piston for hydraulic breaker

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FURUKAWA HB40G piston, we can supply you a piston fits Furukawa HB40G hydraulic rock breaker.


Our manufacture FURUKAWA HB40G piston FOR hydraulic rock breaker with double hardening.

  • Place of Origin: TR
  • Brand Name: MERIT
  • Model Number: Furukawa HB 40G breaker
  • Piston Material: 16NiCrMo12
  • Piston HRC: 58/60
  • Piston Carburizing: Yes
  • Double hardening piston: Yes
  • Warranty of piston: 12 months

We are giving 12 months waranty for our production FURUKAWA HB40G piston OF hydraulic rock breaker.

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We can ship hydraulic breaker pistons to Melbourne, Australia by air cargo.

We can also supply you rock breaker piston fits Furukawa F5, F6, F9, F12, F19, F20, F22, F27, F30, F35, F37, F70 and Furukawa HB5G,HB10G,HB20G,HB40G,HB50G,HB30G.


1. High strength material
2. Good wearing resistance
3. Safety device
4. Heat treatment and long life.
5. High accuracy, longer durability.


MSB breaker 550 piston from stock delivery. Pin MSB breakers hammers ships UAE Sharjah City in addition piston, tie rod, tie bolt, front head, cylinder, tool, chisel, bit, blunt tool.

Pin MSB breakers hammers can be ship Arab Emirates in addition piston, tie rod, tie bolt, front head, cylinder, tool, chisel, bit, blunt tool, seal kit, diaphragm, bushes, etc. MSB breaker 550 piston with 1 year warranty by Merit.

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Use good quality raw material together with 11 years technology experience.

We can produce more than 1000 types of chisels for hydraulic breakers for most world famous hydraulic breakers,tool diameter vary from 40mm to 200mm. Technical drawings from you welcome to re-produce for different sizes.

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