Allied 775 lower bushing

Allied 775 lower bushing

Allied 775 lower bushing upper bushing

Allied 775 lower bushing, tie rods assemblies, upper bush, seal kit, diaphragm available ex-stock 11 June 2016 @ Merit Plant.

Allied 775 lower bushing upper bushing

All manufacturers’ names are used only to indicate the types of compatible replacement parts supplied by MERIT. All compatible replacement parts supplied by MERIT are warranted by MERIT and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the original equipment manufacturer.

Parts of ALLIED rock breaker:

Front head.


Side rod.


Side rod nut.

Lock washer.

Thrust ring.

Through bolt – side rod.

Inner bush.

Top buffer.

Upper bushing.

Side buffer.

Front cover,Allied 775 lower bushing.

Pin tool.

Seal retainer.




Allied 775 lower bushing new.

Part/ Spare we specialize in include, but are not limited to:

  • Tool holder.
  • Lower hammer part.
  • Piston.
  • Bushes.
  • Cylinder repair.
  • Seals.
  • Tool/ Bit/ Chisel/ Moil/ Elephant.
  • Retainer.
  • Tie rod.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Seal kits.
  • Accumulator.
  • Bolt/ nut.
  • Repair services on site and in house.