Piston fits Rammer E64 rock breakers

We are able to produce all the spare parts for the RAMMER series listed below:

Rammer S series:                              Rammer E Series:

Rammer S20                                       Rammer E63

Rammer S21                                       Rammer E64

Rammer S22                                       Rammer E65

Rammer S23                                       Rammer E66

Rammer S24                                       Rammer E68

Rammer S25

Rammer S26                                       Rammer G Series:

Rammer S27                                       Rammer G80

Rammer S29                                       Rammer G88

Rammer S52                                       Rammer G90

Rammer S54                                       Rammer G100

Rammer S55                                       Rammer G110

Rammer S56                                       Rammer G120

Rammer S82                                       Rammer G130

Rammer S83

Rammer S84

Rammer S86

Not only RAMMER breakers but also MSB, KRUPP, MONTABERT, DNB,  FINE, KOMAC, NPK, SOOSAN, TOPA, TABE, INDECO, TOKU, ATLAS COPCO, MSB, STANLEY, FURUKAWA, DAEMO, KWANGLIM, OKADA hydraulic breakers are in production scope of us.

Notice: The brand RAMMER and the use of model numbers are for illustrative and reference purposes only. MERIT OTOMOTIV is NOT affiliated in any manner with any company mentioned herein. Parts sold by MERIT OTOMOTIV  may be of original equipment or aftermarket manufacture.

We are able to produce all kinds of spare parts such as front head, chuck housing, side rod, side rod nut, thrust ring, rubber ring, swivel joint, inner bush, upper bushing, front cover, lower bushing, pin tool, seal retainer, chisels, piston, cylinder, wedge, accumulator, lock washer, through bolt, top buffer, side buffer, repair kit, seal kit brackets, etc… of Rammer hydraulic hammer breaker.


For several hydraulic breaker parts, heat treatment should be perfect also. Heat treatment in uncontrolled environment  will make the product too soft or too brittle.

When Low hardness (ductile):  Tip deformation, bending of shaft, early abrassion

When High hardness (brittle):  Prone to fructure failure

Heat treatments of our products has been made by our sub-supplier company for years.

Packaging & Shipping

All Overseas orders will be carefully packed before sending for shipping. Each product is descriptively labelled and wrapped. Finally, your purchases are placed in safely wooden boxes.

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Piston for rammer G 100 hydraulic hammer rammer e68 piston RAMMER G 80 PISTON