Furukawa HB 30G front guide complete with tool bushes and buffer ring

We can quote you compatible replacement spare parts for Furukawa rockbreakers. Furukawa HB30G Piston Furukawa HB 30G Front Guide  ( Complete with Tool Bushes ,Latch Bars, and Buffer ring) Furukawa F22 Latch Bars Furukawa F35 Latch Bars Furukawa F45 Latch Bars We can ship to Australia by air freight. We can supply you front head 110713 […]

Supplier for hydraulic breakers

supplier for hydraulic breakers !!!   1.-Drill rod (Pica) 2.-Seal Kit (Juego de Sellos) 3.-Diaphragm (Diafragma) 4.-Thrust and Tool bush  (Buje Superior e inferior) 5.-Through  bolt (Tornillo Tensor) 6.-Piston (Pistón) 7.-Pin Set (Petaca y Seguro de Petaca)     equal to this hydraulic breakers   Kent KF6 Kent KF9   Montabert BRP 140 Montabert V32